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Irish Experience

Irish Experience at Maynooth University

Taiwanese student Chia-chen Chang (Jenny) and Irish student Charlie Harding talk about the Irish experience and International experience at Maynooth University.

22 September 2016
UK Scholarships

UK Scholarships

Find out about undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities for international students looking to study in the UK.

22 September 2016
Anna Skoulikari
Bristol is a city that is constantly buzzing and where you will always find yourself bumping into people that want to make the world a better place.

Anna is half Greek and half Dutch
and she studied Economics.

High school: American School of the Hague located in The Hague

21 September 2016
Fabiola Mushi
The program is designed in a way that gives students that chance to interact and work with each other in teams. The lecturers are friendly and ready to assist. The timetable is designed in a way to enable students to have private time for studies as well as social life.

Fabiola is from Tanzania
and she is studying Engineering.

20 September 2016
Lombe Mwambwa
My research focus at the University of Chichester is women's sport leadership in Southern Africa. Through the Anita White Foundation, I visited the university before I decided to do my PhD here. Studying here enables me to do both research and activism work on a topic that I am interested in and with people who are passionate about women and sport.


Lombe is from Zambia and she is studying a PhD in Sport Development and Management.

20 September 2016
Isa Sato
I was lucky to study something I am passionate about at a university like Brighton, which has outstanding academics who are experts in their field.

Isa is from Denmark
and she studied BA (Hons) Applied Psychology and Criminology.

19 September 2016
Jack Kwok
The lecturers at Victoria University of Wellington are engaging and eager to teach. Some of them have been in extremely high-profile and exciting cases, recognised internationally. They are more than happy to answer any questions about the subject.


Jack is from Singapore
and he is studying a Bachelor of Laws.

19 September 2016
Eduardo Sanz
The teaching staff are very friendly and helpful always pushing students to give their best. The university’s facilities such as classrooms, lecture theatres and the Jeffery Smart building are very good with the latest technologies.

Eduardo is from Venezuela
and he is studying Architecture.

17 September 2016