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IT Carlow provides a positive environment and new facilities to all students. There are many international students and they study together, which can increase the knowledge of cross culture.

Yushi is from China
and she is studying Business.

28 May 2016
Saw Assadiau
The location of the Sydney campus in the CBD is great which allows me to go to beautiful places to relax and unwind.


Saw is from Iran
and he is studying a Master in Management for Engineers.

28 May 2016
Sarah Kukkiriza Ndagire
The Abedian School of Architecture has helped enhance my passion for design through the classes, guest lecturers and being able to use the workshop equipment whenever desired. The degree’s practicality has given me so many distinctive skills that I wouldn’t have been able to learn anywhere else.


Sarah is from Uganda
and is studying a Master of Architecture.

28 May 2016
Mariona Texido
After more than four months studying at Chichester University, I'm sure that it's a perfect place to study and to enjoy university life. I think it's the best option to study sport degree: it's small enough to find facilities for foreign students and it has an amazing number of resources for students.


Mariona is an exchange student from Spain
and she is studying a BSc (Hons) in Sport & Exercise Science.

24 May 2016
Anup Dey
I am truly delighted and appreciative to Western, a most vibrant and a student-centred university in Australia. Through my journey at Western Sydney University, I have realised that the campus is the best platform to build my dignity and future leadership skills.

Anup is from Bangladesh
and he studied a Master of Professional Accounting (Advanced).

23 May 2016
Karin Greve-Isdahl

Bachelor of Communication & Master of International Relations

Graduate Karin Greve-Isdahl talking about her experiences at Bond and her role as Communications Director at SN Power, a renewable energy firm based in Oslo, Norway.

22 May 2016
Zia Yi
IT Carlow is a multinational college which attracts different nationalities such a French, German, Korean and Chinese. I have learned about many difference cultures and languages. The tuition fees are also reasonable.


Zia Yi is from Malaysia
and she is studying a Master's in Business.

21 May 2016
Sachin Limbachiya
The course is very exciting and explores new technologies by providing some really advanced electives. It is the right mix for me.


Sachin is from India
and he is studying a Master of Information Technology.

21 May 2016